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Virgo Astrology – Virgo zodiac sign, its personality traits, strengths and weaknesses

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If you come under the Virgo zodiac sign, this page displays more about the Virgo star sign, its personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. Read onto see how you relate to them.

Virgo at a glance

The people born between August 23 and September 22 fall under this star sign. Virgo is ruled by Mercury: the smallest planet of the solar system and is associated with the element earth giving an earthy hue to the Virgos’ personality. Besides, it is a Mutable sign and the symbol for this star sign is the virgin maiden. Green and dark brown are the colors to go for if you are a Virgo and your birthstone would be Peridot and Sardonyx if you were born in August, else it would be Sapphire.

Personality traits

virgoBeing ruled by Mercury which symbolizes intelligence, people belonging to this star sign are of an analytical bent of mind and are able to solve complex problems and take efficient decisions. They are known for their superior communication skills eye for detail. Humility is a virtue they are blessed with and their precise planning makes them the anchor of any team they are a part of. But this doesn’t mean that the Virgos are above reproach, and one of their primary shortcomings is their critical nature which is more destructive then constructive. Besides, their continuous quest for perfection may turn them into fussy individuals who can’t get enough of complaining. Thus people born under this star sign have a heady mix of both good as well as bad characteristics and it’s their choice as to which one they want to nurture within them.


  • They believe in meticulous planning and are very orderly in nature.
  • They connect well with people and their key virtue is their modesty.
  • They have a superior intellect and are very reliable.
  • They think rationally and act purposefully.


  • They can be too materialistic and give in to their greed.
  • They are very skeptical and keep worrying over trifles.
  • They are very inflexible and it would take an army to change their opinion.
  • They are of an argumentative nature and are very good in giving people the cold treatment.

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