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Taurus zodiac sign – Taurus man and woman characteristics and personality

If you are born between April 21 and May 21, then you belong to the star sign- Taurus. Take a look at the other details related to Taurus as well as the personality traits, strengths and weaknesses.

Taurus Zodiac sign

Taurus at a glance

taurus-astrologyThe people born between April 21 and May 21 belong to this star sign. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus: the symbol of love and beauty and is associated with the element earth which gives a down to earth tinge to their personality. Besides, it is a Fixed sign and its symbol is the strong and fiery bull. Pink is the color to go for if you come under this star sign and your birthstone would be Diamond if you were born in the month of April or Emerald in case you were born in May.

Personality traits

By virtue of Taurus’ association with the planet Venus, the people born under this star sign are good lovers and seek romanticism. Dependability is their key virtue and along with their compassion and loving nature, it makes them the perfect life partner. Even in matters of friendship, Taureans are a very good choice if you are looking for someone who will stand by you through thick or thin. But that doesn’t mean they are flawless. One of the chinks in their armor is their extremely possessive nature. Besides, they are sometimes also accused of being jealous and self centered.


  • They are loving and mostly affectionate.
  • They never give up even in the face of adversities and are industrious.
  • They are terrene and have a firm head on their shoulders.
  • They are reliable and can never be accused of being impatient.


  • They make come across as being too rigid and inflexible.
  • They are materialistic and seek worldly possessions.
  • They hold on strongly to an opinion and are known to have mood swings.
  • They can give in to bouts of lethargy and ill temper.

Taurus Man personality :  The love match and  love compatibility of Taurus Man.

Taurus Man Characteristics:

Belonging to one of the most stable signs, the Taurus man is steadfast by nature, with a little bit of stubbornness imbibed in him. The Taurus man is one of the most resilient persons in the world, ready to take on any challenge and rarely buckling under pressure. Most of the times, the Taurus man has a simple and straightforward approach to life. He rarely pretends about things he does not know. Selfless and kind, the Taurus man expects back the same kind of trust and love he gives to others.

Taurus Man Love Compatibility:

One of the major plus points of a Taurus man is that he rarely gets angry and is very patient. In relationships, the Taurus Man takes the lead to ensure that quarrels and clashes do not take place. The Taurus man is generally attractive and women are drawn towards him for his peculiarities. Though women find themselves sexy and the Taurus man affectionate, generally the Taurus man is not good at displaying feelings or emotions. The Taurus man likes those women who are caring and affectionate and look after him.

Positive Aspects In A Taurus Relationship :

The Taurus man is hard working by nature and is known for his perseverance. The Taurus man also has a fun side in his life and has a good sense of humor. He is strong and masculine, yet quiet and unaggressive. He uses his bodily strength only when needed and not to hurt others. The Taurus man is a great planner and spends much of his time planning and scheming things.

Negative Aspects In A Taurus Relationship:

When it comes to giving credit to others, the Taurus man is generally selfish. Sometimes, the Taurus man can even act as if he is lacking in humor and feelings. He considers his ideas and expression to be supreme and might even act quite adamant on the matter, if someone points out his drawbacks. Though normally the Taurus man has the virtue of patience, when angry, the Taurus man gets really impatient. He is generally submissive in relationships and likes his partner to take the charge in life, in many cases. Yet, he does not want his partner to interfere in his personal life. The Taurus man may have hordes of woman admirers, and thus may sometimes be quite flirty. Yet, in a true relationship, he is very loyal and trustworthy. The Taurus man is a great partner in a relationship, but the woman has to keep in mind that the relationship itself is not one of his plans and schemes, which he might be carrying out.

Taurus Woman personality :  The love match and  love compatibility of Taurus Woman.

Taurus Woman Characteristics:

The first thing you will ever notice about a Taurus woman is her strong and undefeatable emotional strength. They are very strong when it comes to emotions. She can bear endless pain and stress and can very well tackle the most difficult of situations. She is an independent person and has a mind of her own. She appears to be as feminine as any other woman, without the unnecessary tantrums. But at heart, she is tomboy who likes to do all guy things like horse riding, working out as she is one health freak, hiking, playing tennis etc. They are introverts by nature and are really warm hearted. They are cautious while choosing their friends but are caring and loyal to them all their life. Woman born under this sign have a conservative nature, practical thinking and are a true lover of nature.

Taurus Woman Love Compatibility:

Partnership and being in love is very important for a Taurus woman. They dont date for the sake of dating; in fact, they have a desire to settle down. They look for a partner who is sincere, appreciative and knowledgeable and most importantly a person who can give her security. The only way to a Taurus woman heart is to make her feel secure in a relationship. And, also they are very eager to learn about life and the man, who can teach her new ways of living, can win them over. They have a fondness for material things and they absolutely love to receive gifts from their loved ones. A Taurus woman also has a very strong mind and will-power. They cannot be taken advantage of, though they appear very affectionate.

Positive Aspects In A Taurus Relationship :

In a relationship, Taurus women are very loyal and faithful to their partner and expect the same level of loyalty from their mates as well. They are strong and above the usual woman insecurities. They are not a dictator in a relationship rather they would like their partners to be their boss and would love to take a backseat. They are undemanding and easy going people. They are passionate lovers with their affections deep and loyal. Their honesty and sincerity towards their partners help them sustain their relationship.

Negative Aspects In A Taurus Relationship:

There are few disadvantages of having a Taurus lover in your life. A Taurus woman is very logical in life and if you are arguing with her on something which is not practical then it is not something they are interested in. They have a no-nonsense policy when it comes to personal entanglements. They can also be a bit moody and withdrawn sometimes.

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