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Pisces zodiac sign – personality traits, strengths and weaknesses

Is your zodiac sign Pisces? Read on to discover more about the Pisces zodiac sign and also personality traits, strengths and weaknesses of Pisces.

Pisces at a glimpse

The people born between February 20 and March 20 come under this star sign. Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter which bestows the Pisceans with a big heart. Pisces is also a Fixed sign and is associated with the element water. The symbol for Pisces is a pair of fish and the color associated with it is a soft hue of green. If you belong to this star sign, your birthstone would either be Amethyst if your birthday falls in February or else it would be Aquamarine and Bloodstone in case your birthday falls in the month of March.

Personality traits

The Pisceans are well known for their kind disposition and selfless nature. Besides, they are mild individuals who are also of an artistic bend of mind. They spent most of their waking hours philosophizing and are considered to be great thinkers. But their imaginative nature also has its drawbacks and one of the foremost is their lack of practicality and abstractness. It thus becomes very tough to connect with them and they become kind of alienated by virtue of their brooding nature. They won’t get high marks in matters of courage as well owing to their fickle mindedness and fear of taking the untrodden path.


  • They are very generous and true humanitarians.
  • They are very progressive and can practically adapt to any situation.
  • They are benevolent and devoted individuals and are the rock of their family.
  • They are blessed with an amazing intuition and few can match them in terms of creativity.


  • They are weak willed and wanting in courage.
  • They are escapists who are not very proficient in matters requiring a practical frame of mind.
  • They are surrounded by an aura of mystery which makes it extremely tough to connect with them at an emotional level.
  • They are very sensitive and can also be easily influenced.

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