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Libra zodiac sign – the personality traits, strengths and weaknesses

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People born between September 23 and October 22 come under the zodiac sign- Libra. Read more about Libra zodiac sign, the personality traits, strengths and weaknesses of Libra zodiac sign.

Know more about Libra Zodiac sign

Libra at a glanceThe people born between September 23 and October 22 belong to this star sign. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and is associated with the element air. Besides, it is a Cardinal sign and the symbol for this star sign is the scales of balance. Blue is the color to go for if you are born under this star sign and as for your birthstone, it would either be Sapphire or Opal and Pink Tourmaline depending on whether your birthday falls on the month of September or October.

Personality traitsIndividuals having Libra as their star sign are born romantics by virtue of Libra’s association with the planet Venus which symbolizes love. Besides, they are of a very serene nature and can keep their cool under all circumstances. They are very optimistic and tend to finish off what they start. They are also hospitable in nature and get along well with others. But there is also a dark side to their personality. For instance, they are indecisive by nature and get swayed easily by opinions. In addition to this, they can be very lethargic and self-centered. All in all, they can go a long way life by virtue of their pleasant personality provided they can get over the minor shortcomings in their nature.


  • They are very charming and make good companions.
  • They are peace-loving and social individuals.
  • They are charismatic and have a graceful aura surrounding them.
  • They have high emotional intelligence and deep empathy for others.


  • They can easily fall prey to trickery owing to their gullible nature.
  • They don’t know when to give up and hence can waste resources in a lost cause.
  • They may come across as being too superficial and in some cases, even selfish.
  • They are anything but good at decision-making and you can rely on them at your own peril.

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