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Compatibility of cancer woman

Know more about the Cancer woman personality. Find out the love match of Cancer woman. Find out love compatibility of Cancer woman.

Compatibility of cancer woman

Cancer Woman Characteristics:

Cancer women are extremely sensitive, emotional, kind and caring. They take things to their heart so easily and get hurt. They have no harsh words for others even if the others keep hurting them they are kind to the core. Sometime they are chirpy. Sometimes, they feel left out. Sometimes they are depressed and keep juggling among various emotions as they are moody to a very large extent. They might be fine now but the very next moment they might have long and sad face thinking about something depressing and then the very next moment they might get back to their cheerfulness. This is how they are. They are a package of uncertainties.

Cancer Woman Love Compatibility:

Cancer Zodiac signIt is you who should initiate the proposal of being together when you are in love with a Cancer woman. You cannot expect the first move to be made by her. On the other hand she might set back things and ask for a break. She is timid, shy and is scared. She is concerned about the aspect of rejection. She might be the most beautiful person on the planet but she still has her insecurities. All she expects is appreciation from her love. She is protective and is very vulnerable when it comes to her emotions. That doesnt mean that she is jealous and possessive. Of course is not. Like any other woman she would not want to share her love with others. Thats how she is, simple sweet and fragile.

Positive Aspects of Cancer Relationship:

Cancer woman might be weak when it comes to her emotions but she is extremely strong and can handle things alone. When she is hurt she might shed tears when alone but might get back to getting her job done. She is an awesome chef. She saves money and does not spend it when it is not required. She takes extremely good care of her man and children. You do not have to worry about anything when your wife is a Cancer woman!

Negative Aspects of Cancer Relationship:

Cancer woman go through sudden mood swings. This might be irritating at times because you really cant figure out what exactly is happening to her. You cant figure out what she wants and what is it that is effecting her. She needs extra care when she is depressed otherwise she sets herself back and loses her mind further.